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Post 66 Resources

Training Resources

Here are a few of training opportunities currently available:

Member Orientation Training

Member Orientation Training is held several times each year for all our members, new or seasoned, of Post 66 and our Legion family. Orientation covers basic information about Post 66 and The American Legion. Check the Home Page for dates and times.

“This is The American Legion”

“This is The American Legion” is an excellent short video, every member of our Legion Family should watch.


"This is The American Legion" Video

Basic Training

Basic Training

Basic Training is the new official training program of The American Legion for officers and members. Topics include:


Publications Page

Reading The American Legion publications can be an excellent training method for those who are self-motivated. The Publication page of The American Legion web is a good place to find most of them.

Here are a few key publications many find helpful.

Sample Member Handbook

Post Officer Guide



The American Legion has two operational years. One is the membership year, which runs from January 1 to December 30. The annuak accounting year runs from July 1 to June 30.

California Veteran Resources

Smile for Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation (VA&R)