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Commander's Corner

December 2018

Happy December, Legion Family!

The rains have started and the hills around our house are starting to green up. Our Post will be catching the green (and red) of the Holiday spirit, being decorated for the Christmas Dinner on December 12th. Our own chef, Bill Crowe & his assistants, along with Master of the Pork Rib BBQ, Legionnaire Tom Wiggin and his crew, will be serving a Holiday feast!

Remember, this is the Toys for Tots night, so the Surprise Santa and the beautiful Mrs. Claus will be delighting the Post toy recipients. Chaplain Bart has hooked us up with the Marine Toys for Tots, so please bring in a new unwrapped toy for donation.

A Heartfelt THANK YOU to all who have given me guidance and suggestions this first half of my Term as Commander. I, and our Post family, are truly blessed to be your choice of Veteran and Community support. San Luis Obispo Post 66 literally could not provide services without your participation. I hope we have also had a bit of fun along the way…

Your American Legion Post 66 family wishes you and yours a blessed Christmas holiday. The Post is closed for repairs and cleaning from December 13th, 2018 through Jan 5th, 2019, when meetings for the Legion resume. Things always change, so get into the happy habit of checking for updates on the Post 66 website at Calendar/slolegion.org.


Randy Earl, Commander 2018-2019
San Luis Obispo Post 66
The American Legion




SLO Fire Captain Matt Callahan and American Legion Dan Dale after putting on the 9/11 Ceremony today. There were 150 children bussed in from elementary, middle, and high schools of San Luis Obispo. The attendees included most of the SLO City leadership and general public for a total of 250 people.


This yearly Memorial ceremony provides an opportunity for the community to pay their respects to the men and women on public safety’s front lines.

The City of San Luis Obispo’s 9/11 Memorial commemorates the lives of those first responders who perished on that fateful morning of September 11, 2001 and provides visitors with the opportunity to learn more about the men and women who sacrificed their lives so that others may live.

The centerpiece of the Memorial ground is an I-beam from the World Trade Center. Surrounding this steel, each of the 403 vertical rods represents one of the emergency responders whose life was lost on this tragic day; communicating the scale of human loss.


You Are Team 100!


You are Team 100

By Brett Reistad, National Commander
 September 10, 2018

As I prepare to lead The American Legion during its centennial year, I believe this is an opportunity to promote and educate communities nationwide about the organization’s history, four pillars, programs, and contributions to veterans and their families. To support this effort, I have chosen Team 100 to be our centennial membership theme - to bring all our resources to bear, increase our membership and start our second century of service off on the right foot.

You, my fellow Legionnaires, are Team 100. And I need your commitment to achieve this success, just as you once committed yourself to serving your country. 
If we use the Team 100 concept effectively and everyone takes ownership, we can’t fail. Remember that each of us are stakeholders in this great organization.

Team 100 includes every member of the American Legion Family who has the talent and ability to guide our organization to achieve an increase in membership to begin our next 100 years. Eligible members are out there. Our role is to find them, to educate them about The American Legion, and to engage them, make them feel welcome and encourage them to participate.

During my national commander campaign travels to American Legion departments, I met a Legionnaire in Montana that was a recruiter. He came to me and said, “You know those future members are out there. They just need to be asked to be Legionnaires.” And he’s absolutely right.
A wise man once said, “In order to succeed, we must believe that we can.” I not only believe that we can, I know we can. I truly believe that you are the right team at the right time.

Success isn’t just about what you accomplished in your life. It’s about what you inspire others to do. I want to see us inspire each other. As a former grunt, I picked the infantry motto, “Follow me.” So follow me as we go forth to make history of our own. 
Team 100!

Post 66 Centennial Coins

The Post 66 Centennial Coins & hat pins are now available.

The coins are $10.00 a piece each and the hat pins are $5.00.

If you would like to purchase a coin or hat pin contact Rich Powell, Post 66 Adjutant

805-440-1551 or richarddpowelljr@gmail.com


Medal of Honor story: Leroy Petry


We hosted a special breakfast for The American Legion National Commander that was attended by the 2008 Presidential Medal of Honor Recipient Ret. Staff Sgt. Leroy Petry.

This short video tells the story of Staff Sgt. Leroy Petry, a true American hero!

65 years ago, this SLO veteran fought in Korea.


Click here to watch video.

San Luis Obispo native Dennis Perozzi Jr. arrived in Korea in January 1952 at the age of 25 on a bitterly cold winter day. In this video, military veteran Perozzi, now 92, talks about his experiences in the infantry amid current escalating tensions over North Korea's missile and nuclear testing. David Middlecamp The Tribune


November 10, 2017 10:13 AM

San Luis Obispo native Dennis Perozzi Jr. arrived in Korea in January 1952 at the age of 25 on a bitterly cold winter day. The temperature was 32 degrees below zero, and he wore six layers of clothing.

Over the next 10 months, Perozzi served as an Army rifleman, fighting in a battle at Old Baldy Hill that cost 125 American lives (he was one of 60 in his company to survive). On another battle at Pork Chop Hill, 32 of his fellow soldiers were killed or wounded.

Today, the 92-year-old Perozzi rarely talks about his war experience, which included combat missions in what is now North Korea. But he does think about it occasionally.

As he observes Veterans Day this year, the tensions between the U.S. and North Korea carry shadows of the past and spark memories of Perozzi’s time at war.


Dennis Perozzi Jr., 92, served 10 months in the Korean conflict in 1951-52. He was an Army infantryman and earned the Bronze Star and other citations.
David Middlecamp dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

The North attacked the South on June 25, 1950, on the 38th parallel that divided the two sides in an effort to unify the country, thus launching the war.

Perozzi spent much of his time in Korea north of the demarcation line, describing the landscape as “all hills with little valleys and not too many trees, at least not tall trees like we have here.”

Because of his location in the North, he didn’t really get to know Korean people or develop a strong sense of the culture.

He acknowledged battling nerves, saying that’s understandable. During one battle, Perozzi’s flak jacket protected him from mortar fragments, blocking shell pieces from penetrating his body.

“You’re scared, but you do what you’re trained to do,” he said.


The fighting today would be completely different. It would be all missiles. If Something happens, there's going to be so many casualties on all sides, it's unbelievable.
Dennis Perozzi Jr., Korean War veteran

Post 66 & SLO VA Clinic Coffee

by Richard Pushies

LegionTown Article


(Pictured are: Dan Dale, Post 66 Commander, David Glidden, Post 66 2nd. Vice Commander, Mike Knight, Post 66 member & owner of Coastal Peaks Coffee and Larry Foster, VA Voluntary Service Specialist. Don Marriott, Legion Riders Chapter 66 President is not pictured.)

Post 66, Legion Riders Chapter 66 and Post 66 Member, Mike Knight, owner of Coastal Peaks Coffee have joined together to support the Donaldson Mark-VA San Luis Obispo Clinic by providing coffee supplies for their veterans waiting to be treated. This is one small example of how Post 66 serves the veterans of our community. In this example, we help serve our veterans coffee, which is a small, but appreciated service. If you have ever sat in a medical clinic (VA or community) and waited a long time to be seen by a health care provider, having a good cup of coffee while you wait is definitely appreciated. It just is. In the picture, Larry Foster, VA Voluntary Service Specialist presented a plaque of appreciation to Post 66, Chapter 66 and Coastal Peaks Coffee for their generosity in supporting the veterans being served at the VA San Luis Obispo Clinic. The plaque will sit on the coffee table to remind our veterans who is providing their coffee.

Through a Post 66 member who visits the Santa Maria VA Clinic, we found out the Santa Maria VA Clinic has been providing coffee, creamer and sugar for the SLO clinic from the excess donations they receive in Santa Maria. Sometimes the supply of coffee from Santa Maria is not enough. Since government facilities, like VA clinics are not allowed to solicit donations, once we found out about the shortfall of coffee from Santa Maria, we decided to give the clinic a hand. After Post 66 Commander, Dan Dale and Legion Rider's President, Don Marriott found out the VA Clinic need help with coffee, they soon received commitments from their membership to support the cost of providing coffee supplies. When Commander Dale approached Mike Knight, owner of Coastal peaks Coffee, he too joined in to help support the Post 66 in providing coffee for the veterans at the SLO VA Clinic. Good Legionnaires working together can do plenty of good work in supporting our veterans.

This is a simple, but good example of how The American Legion, Post 66, Riders Chapter 66 and a few good members can use a little "Mutual Helpfulness" to provide support for our local veterans.

Suicide Prevention LifeLine

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